Friday, August 29, 2008

Challenge #2 Fixing flaws with black and white

I want to thank everyone that participated in last weeks challenge! WOW>.... what an impressive group of layouts made with really blurry photos. Did you think you could pull off such great layouts using photos that were less than perfect? I think we tend to talk ourselves OUT of scrapping these photos when they seem too challenging. I encourage you to look at your photos that you wouldn't necessarily first reach for and challenge yourself to use them. Based on the layouts I saw last week, I think you'll be surprised by how creative you can be.

I encourage ANYONE to still post a layout using a blurry photo and post it to the challenge 1 thread. I am going to get those layouts up on a slider during this week.

NOW> for Challenge #2: Fixing your photo flaws by changing to Black and White.

Lighting conditions... they are most photographers worst nightmare. Too light, too dark, indoor lights (unflattering flourescent lights are the death of any photo), sporting event lights.

Improper settings on your camera (ISO set too high or too low, using flash, not using flash, etc.)

Blurry photos can even benefit from a little change from color to black and white.

All these photo flaws can be greatly improved simply by removing the color in the photos.

Why does this work? Because the color adds details and it shows when the colors are 'off' due to these challenging situations. You also reduce some of the blur because the contrast of black and white usually adds a crispness to the photo.

Your challenge *should you chose to accept it* is to change a photo that is IMPERFECT to black and white and scrap it. I want to see the BEFORE photo and naturally your layout using the black and white version.

Can't WAIT to see what you.


Debbi T said...

I love this new challenge, Sherry. I've got lots of "lemons." Here's a page I made using a crummy old photo that I converted to black and white:

Elizabeth said...

What a great challenge this week! I actually did one today! I had several great shots and one yucky shot that I turned into B&W. I just turned the good shots into B&W too so that it didn't take away from the blurry one!

It's under pj Saturday. It is the last layout and has the colored photo of our dog next to it!

Thanks for these challenges!

Marilyn said...

This was a great challenge! Thank you for doing this, really stretches me! I have my layout and original photo on my blog,

Sudie said...

Such an awesome challenge! I have lots of lemons. need to start making some lemonade! thanks for the inspiration